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App User Segment
Scale paying customers
Four sales spikes over the year is what most app developers aspire to. But that’s only because they don’t know how to achieve steady growth. With Attrackt’s tools you get unprecedented insights into how to turn your in-app offerings into a sustainable source of paying users.
App Revenue
Share the value of in-app purchases
Passive clicks rarely translate into active purchasing behaviors. That’s because users pay too little attention to your in-app offerings to see their value. With Attrackt, you’ll make the most of the attention you get by displaying the right value proposition to the right user at the right time.
In-App Purchase Creatives
Collect data and put it to good use
The more data you gather, the more you learn about your users. But none of this matters if you’re unable to act upon this knowledge. Attrackt’s intelligent algorithm gives you actionable tips on what works for various user segments.
App Revenue
Manage attention economy
Attention is a scarce and valuable resource. To succeed, you must offer as much value in as little time as possible. Use Attrackt’s advanced analytics and learn how to make each millisecond count.
IAP analytics in real time
Set the right price
Pricing a product is like walking a tightrope. To reach your goal, you must strike the right balance between what’s acceptable for the user and necessary for your business to grow. Attrackt’s tools will help you identify the sweet spot, so you can stay on the right track.
Ads mediation with IAP
Offer multiple products
The in-app market amounts to USD 5B. But what kind of in-app purchase will help you get your share? In-game currency? Subscriptions? Paid premium content? Use Attrackt’s tools to better manage your consumables, non-consumables, and subscriptions. See which ones make the most business sense.
App Purchase

The missing promotion tool for your products

It took the advertisers ten years to realize that video is better than static ads. Why should you stay behind and promote your product with static images with the same message to all users? Build your content using video, audio, slides to send new messages using interactive tools. Create new friction points for your in-app purchase that deliver attention.
IAP Promotion

Build reward ads for your IAP

Adding reward ads is a great way to boost your revenue with non-paying users. But, if it all comes down to Ecpm, let's share the attention time and follow the data. How much would you value your user's time in the shop? Mediate ads time with your purchase content and understand your user's value within your economy.

The future of in-app purchases is here

Attrackt more attention to your product. Easily grow your in-app purchases at scale.
Purchase Data
The future of in-app purchases is here
Attrackt more attention to your product. Easily grow your in-app purchases at scale.
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