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About the Company

Attrackt enables app developers to build and operate in-app purchase promotions rapidly.. SDK is Fully native with Xcode and Unity.We are here to help you quickly integrate the SDK into your projects and start managing your new in-app purchase content and campaigns. We also offer ads meditation solution with leading ads SDK allowing developers to manage one placement with their own IAP promotion and Ad Network. Attrackt provides developers with a powerful backhand for managing in-app purchases, subscription management, and tracking after purchase life cycle.

Our Values

What make our internal code work
Generating impactful data
We don't want to add more data and complexity to your decision process. Instead, we want to be efficient, starting from data creation down to implementation.
Saving time
Data collection, automating processes, generating the reports that move the needle. All of this help to save time and focus on what matter.
Even playing field
If it takes a user 1000 ads views to decide to take action, why not show 100 ads and convince him to purchase one of your products? Use the same tools like ad networks, create your inventory, and compare CPM prices between networks and your products.
Be honest
We promise to be honest with our partners, share our sincere opinions, treat your data with respect and provide the best solutions we can that will help you grow the right way.

Our Story

Before establishing Attrackt, we built Ad Tech products for mobile user acquisition. We were working closely with mobile apps from the marketing stage down to the revenue. We noticed how inefficient internal in-app promotions are slowing down revenue growth. As the main in-app purchase strategy focus on "whale hunting," we firmly believe that one size doesn't fit all, and the promotion efforts need to generate friction data with all the users. Mostly in-app promotions are built internally by the developers using popular IDE plugins that support popups and static images. Many developers lack the resource to add a decision layer and optimize the promotions as it requires a backend. Today 99% of all IAP promotion is based on static images with no personalization. We decided to build Attrackt to allow developers to scale their IAP and generate valuable growth data. By taking a more marketing-focused approach, we identify the tech challenges that hold back developers to manage their user's attention time. We are providing tools to any size developer to share his products in real-time with the right user.

Our Team

Amir Maman
Tech Entrepreneur, Product lead over 10 Years in AdTech & Data products. Game Developer that enjoy creativity and learning. Hobbies: Card Magic , Sailing.
Zach KashKash
Jedi Level Developer in Native App - FinTech , Social , Gaming. Dedicated Gamer and Tech liveOps management Hobbies: MapleStory
Ziv Maman
Tech Entrepreneur, Product lead over 4 Years in AdTech & Data products. Web Developer and backhand master for large webapps. Hobbies: League of Legends.
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