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Create better data for your in-app purchase promotion and scale revenue. 10X your engaging audience and build a sale funnel that matters. Attrackt team provide full solution service for IAP economy scaling.
Increase IAP Revenue with Attrackt

The ultimate growth toolbox for app developers

Growing in-app purchases at scale is hard. So hard, most app developers simply don’t do it. In fact, the largest and most powerful 0.7% of game publishers generate 97% of market revenue—and it’s just not fair. That’s why Attrackt gives you the tools to generate and control all the growth data you need.
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What you get with Attrackt

What you get with Attrackt
IAP analytics in real time
More attention to your IAP
Provide your users with personalized in-app purchase experience they want. Promote your IAPs with unique content, not generic banners. Get actionable data to improve your funnel.
App Revenue
New actionable insights
Our technology lets you work on big data at scale, with minimum cost involved. Connect all app analytics data across all platforms to get the full scope of information about purchases inside your app. Get truly actionable data, not just raw numbers.
Ads mediation with IAP
Amazing ease of conversion optimization
Effectively A/B test pricing points, modify pricing, and iterate with a single click. Use automatic user segmentation based on app usage. Manage your revenue optimization for IAP in one place.
App User Segment
Stunning creative templates
Creating video ads inside your app has never been so easy. Attrackt’s templates will let you make professional, appealing ads in minutes.
In-App Purchase Creatives
Mediate your content with ads
Promote your content within Ads placements. Get the best of both worlds and improve the user experience. Get higher Ecpm with improving purchase experience with your video content and solve fill rate issues with ad networks.
App Revenue
Promote your events
Are you going live on a cool stream? Want to create more hype for your next event? Interesting chat on discord? Facebook group discussion? Promote this content dynamically to your playing users in real-time, creating more engagement and sign-ups using Attrackt.
Promote the right offers to the users
App User Segment
A/B Testing
Test creatives, prices, and bundles
In-App Purchase Creatives
Track purchase in real-time
IAP analytics in real time
App Revenue
Get notified on events on your mobile
App Revenue
Pre-Paying users
Build new data points
Ads mediation with IAP
Ads Mediation
Split time on ads and your content in 1 place
In App purchase


Got questions about growing and scaling your mobile app revenue? Our writers have the answers!
How will Attrackt help grow my revenue?

In short: by giving you access to IAP promotion and scaling tools that were previously too complicated and too expensive to use. We don’t just analyze data. Rather, we create new friction points which leads to new data which generates effective revenue optimization.

How does A/B testing work?

We start by mapping out all information on in-app purchases that we have and segmenting users via AI-based algorithms. Then, we run multiple purchase tests on every segment—each of which can have a different content and price, all in accordance with Google Play and App Store regulations.

How long does it take to run a pricing point test?

Usually, a few days. While it depends on the user volume and how radical your test pricing is, thanks to generating and gathering data on every single step of the funnel, we cut pricing tests time from months to days.

How do I create ads with Attrackt templates?

It's as easy as one-two-three. Our video templates come with ready-to-use elements you can mix and match (absolutely no coding or design involved). In no time, you can create professionally-looking in-app ads that effectively grab users’ attention.

Can Attrackt Mediation manage AdNetworks?

Yes, Attrackt can provide Ads Mediation services. We can manage the main AdsNetworks and incorporate your IAP promotions campaigns in the same ads placements. Solving fill rate issues and low Ecpm .

The future of in-app purchases is here
Attrackt more attention to your product. Easily grow your in-app purchases at scale.
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