Tips and Methods to Increase Mobile App Revenue
By Amir M. in InApp Promotion
April 11, 2022
We wrote down valuable tips and methods to help your App be more approachable, making sure you are on the right track and ready to scale.

The mobile market is scaling rapidly. If you are reading this article, you probably want to capitalize on this trend, or you already did. Mobile apps open a portal to each pocket worldwide and provide excellent tools for developers to offer value and great experience to people. With thousands of new apps submitted to the app stores each week, we want to help avoid pitfalls and ensure you have the best chance to succeed in creating a great app and a business. With a 15% CAGR, the total digital goods market (In-App Purchase) will reach 200 billion dollars by 2023. Everyone is rooting for the app market. As a result, thousands of apps are submitted to the app stores every week with the exact expectations of becoming the next multi-million dollar app. But only 8% of them get decent downloads because not all applications are helpful. Developer Revenue amount

Some Apps have terrible user experiences, some are connected with privacy issues or fraud, and some are difficult to comprehend. Your App needs to stand out, ensuring you get your shot at being the next $100 million App. It’s so hard to scale Daily active users. It is even more complex if UI / Technical issues make it harder to use the App or purchase. We wrote down valuable tips and methods to help your App be more approachable, making sure you are on the right track and ready to scale.

1. Simple UX that is understood out of the box Conversion rate is equally significant as high-quality performance. The more users use your App every day ( DAU) or monthly (MAU), the higher the probability of generating revenue. This is what conversion rates are all about. Still, to secure a reasonable conversion rate (that is, many application users), applications need intuitive yet simple navigation to provide users with an easy-to-use environment. Extra-fancy designs can make features complicated and challenging to understand, and without a user-friendly format, you’re making your application difficult for a user. On the other hand, simple navigation looks more attractive and helps convert non-paying users into loyal customers. So ensure that your App’s navigation and UX are straightforward and won’t make it difficult for users to use or pay. UI Example

2. Don’t Crash The application needs to load quickly and smoothly. Make sure to check your App on as many devices as possible. Run tests on many devices to ensure that you support all models, especially in Android. Verify that all of the SDKs, plugins, and code you use to support and run on the target devices are compatible. This will help you to target suitable devices. Ensure that the App does not crash and that all platforms work in sync. Then, measure the loading time and optimize as much as possible so that users can quickly interact with your content and use your App. App Crash

3. Use FOMO In a fast-paced, busy world, people tend to ignore most things they see or hear. Can you create a sense of urgency in your App? If so, you can stand out and use FOMO as a hook to generate more interest in your product. A suitable CTA can motivate the user to take action or lose the deal. Moreover, you can integrate these offers for a limited time every month to boost sales or services and get additional downloads. Can you create a buzz for your App? keep it honest and make sure to provide what is the real reason you are building this App and what is your goal. Think different and the right people that get you to come and share your experience.

4. Follow Market Trends You should take full advantage of the current trends and understand why they work. Trends happen for a reason. They offer a fresh angle that captures attention. Hyper Casual games are a great example. Following a popular mechanic is less risky than inventing a brand-new one. Trends can also be a monetization method like integrating reward ads and offer walls or building a subscription plan with consumables to provide a more diverse product line. You need to follow the leading application in your niche and follow their store presence, prices, core game loop, and marketing. Then, use this information and decide what is appropriate for your App and how to use those trends. Trends can be a new UI design, a new method to encourage users to log in every day, or a new game mode in your genre that is doing well ( “battle royal” was not so popular 4 years ago). To follow trends, you must first understand them and experience them yourself.

5. Find your true Fans Look for true fans and build your App for them. To get those true fans, you need to develop what you love and ensure that you enjoy providing service and being in touch with your users. Be available on social media, respond to comments, and be thankful for any feedback. The numbers show that 1 out of 1000 users who face a bug take the time to write about it. So be aware of those users, and consider those notes. Share relevant updates on your product on social media/newsletter and don’t spam your users, and respect their time. Keep the same design and messaging on all your channels, don’t be casual and funny on Twitter and serious with corporate jargon in emails. Keep the same personality and be genuine in your communication.

6. Follow your value purpose Your App’s value proposition should be constantly improved. Then, we can create evolving products using the software. Iterate your design and follow the breadcrumb’s trail of comments and crashes and walk toward improving your product. Remember what value you offer to your users and decide on the main metrics to follow to guide you on the right path.

7. Retain users by offering them rewards Offer your users an offer they can’t refuse. Giving rewards will make a different user’s mind as a token of appreciation for their time. Offer daily usage rewards that will increase over time and provide an incentive to login in the next day. Offer new deals to high retention users or share better content with them. Share this data with all users to show them the value of putting time into your App.

Mobile app Market The Mobile App market is growing by 15% YOY, with revenues expected to reach $133B by 2021. Of course, the store cut is high, around 30%, but as things are looking legal for Apple and Google, it might change soon. The revenue distribution is much more shocking. 0.5% of the leading Game apps generate over 98% of the revenue, which means that the market is mainly centered around 900 studios. There are 10% more studios than last year, but it’s more challenging to enter the top 100 list. With the recent privacy changes, User Acquisition is getting increasingly difficult. In addition, revenue from ads fluctuates as many Adnetworks built robust tools to segment users based on profile and audience segments. However, with no unique id or user consent, such devices are no longer effective. The following targeting field to conquer is context. The ability to understand app context enables advertisers to target their audience based on interest and relevant advertising, matching creatives and offers to the content of the App. We believe that the best content is the App content promoting its own purchase or providing relevant info on the App potential and how to use it. IAP simplifies the purchase process by sharing more content promotions by focusing on immediate action. As a result, there is a higher chance of conversion after interacting with advertising. By levering first-party data, developers can improve the targeting and conversion funnel. In addition, ensuring all users are educated and aware of the purchase value provides more interaction and feedback on the IAP value. Developers must find a new balance in their monetization mix and improve their user retention, Share more content on your purchase, increasing by 10X the time users spend on your offer. Find more ways to direct your users and attention to IAP at

Tips and Methods to Increase Mobile App Revenue
We wrote down valuable tips and methods to help your App be more approachable, making sure you are on the right track and ready to scale.
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